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Writers & Editors in Collaboration: Nothing Succeeds Like Teamwork

The field of Technical Writing has matured over the years, leaving the senior professionals in complete awe of rapidly enhancing technologies.

As a Writer, Editor, Content Developer, and Instructional Designer, I've had the good fortune of working with many top-notch companies over the last 20 years with some periods of unemployment in between! Even the years that I have not actively earned, I have constantly stayed in touch with this field's ever changing principles and practices. When I was in United States, I had participated in STC's events and though I've not renewed my STC membership here In India, my favorite websites are still, TWIN, and intercom Online.

As a senior and experienced Technical Writer, I would like to share my vast, hands-on experiences with various types of projects --- large, medium, and small. I have gained a wealth of knowledge in subject areas such as:   

  • The importance of audience analysis in any writing project    
  • Topic research, scoping, and task-orientation 
  • Doc Plans and Post-Mortem forms
  • Differences between Manuals and Process documents
  • Online help development - from Robohelp to Webhelp 
  • Developing training modules -- ID principles and practices in real-time projects 
  • Marketing Communications or MARCOM
  • Web Content writing ---  from keyword analysis to SEO-centric prose
  • Being an Editor & QA Specialist--- editing chapters and indexes 
  • Handy Checklists for use

Technical writers write with a wide variety of objectives in mind:
They write to inform, they write to instruct, they write to teach,
and they write to sell. So they need a combination of different skills.
Hope to publish an e-book on this topic in future!

My main objective in sharing the information I've gathered over the last 20 years is providing a centralized repository or knowledgebase for new and upcoming technical communicators who will ultimately branch off to their specialized territory after some years. I've never been a "Manager" so I've intentionally skipped any reference to or discussion of project management. But, as a Senior Writer, I've led teams and possess many skills that ultimately build a Technical Writing Manager or a Project Manger.

On some location on this website, I'll preserve those valuable project-management skills and tools that have been of immense help to me and may also be of use to many future professionals. 

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